January 16, 2013

New passion - cross stitch cards

Here are few new finishes - cross stitch cards for Valentine's day. I thought I like mostly big projects, but these cards are very fun to make and they came out very successful (IMO). All of them can be found on my Ebay site.

December 9, 2012

Herfst finished

Happy dance! This design was very pleasant to work on, though there are many areas to be filled with background. But it's really worth stitching.

November 23, 2012

Herfst almost done

Only the upper right half remains and the upper border.

To me personally this little baby is looking awesome. Am thinking about stitching the Spring sampler, maybe.

November 8, 2012

More Herfst progress

The half is almost done.

(click to see full size)

October 27, 2012

Herfst progress

This is a new big project - Lanarte's sampler Herfst.

Reference photo:

My progress of 2 days stitching:

October 23, 2012

Love you with all my heart

This is a design I just finished working on. I wanted to create something small and yet a bit complicated (well, not so complicated to an experienced stitcher, but not very easy either).

I love backstitch. I put backstitch everywhere where it's possible to be put. A subtle reason for this is - backstitch makes the chart easily readable. It outlines different zones and separates different color groups from one another.

I remember some old TW charts, like fruit ornaments, where without any backstitching the chart is almost impossible to read. I think charts without backstitch must also have some kind of separators for easier reading.

September 5, 2012

TW Sweet Pea progress

This one is from TW Floral Bellpull.

Here is Sweet Pea stitched by someone else.


And here's mine.

August 22, 2012

New works

Some recent finished projects.

I stitched them with petit-point because I did some business tasks with them, which turned somewhat profitable, but not anything worth of putting one's full time into. They were immensely liked by all who saw them, since petit-point is quite popular in Bulgaria.

Petit-point looks far better than cross stitch. However it's so delicate and tiny to stitch that one has no have a perfect eyesight. My eyesight is still not bad, but petit-point is not good for the eyes. Still, one of the greatest works of needleart are made by using it.

The first three are from Artime, the Poppies is from russian magazine.

This one is by Joan Elliott. It's a bit weird picture and generally I made it not for myself but for sale. But recently I think more often to keep it for myself.


August 21, 2012

The Heavens Give Us Each a Song

Това е модел на Joan Elliott от "Native American Cross Stitch". Шия го на много дребна evenweave, подобна на 18 каунт. И малко променям части от модела.

This is a design from Joan Elliott  "Native American Cross Stitch". I am stitching it on a very small count of evenweave, similar to 18 count. I am also changing parts of the design inside the frame by skipping some. It looks better in my opinion.

February 6, 2011

Celtic cross

Макар че модела изглежда доста "орязан", оставих го така, защото ми харесва повече, а оригиналния модел ми изглежда по-претрупан.

Тереза не е писала в блога си от повече от 1 месец и това ме обезкуражава и постепенно губя желание да шия моделите й.


No matter that the design looks incomplete, I intentionally left it this way, because the original one feels a bit overdone with details.

Teresa has stopped updating her blog, no new posts for more than a month (or maybe even two months); in the mean time we had some discussion going about a new crewel design, and now it is basically abandoned. [sad]. Hope she finds some time (effort, whatever, as I don't know what's the situation at hers) to resume the topic. I can see she still replies to inquiries on the board, but the board is also slowly dying out.

All this somewhat makes me discouraged to stitch her designs. They ARE difficult, and I got used to feel her presence around, and it stimulated me. I do hope there's still hope.

On my to do list now for sure is Corte Medieval, just need to free some time for stitching, as WOW life takes most of my free time now :)